5 Fabled Roads the Faint of Heart Must Avoid

When we think about the paranormal, we think of haunted houses, abandoned hospitals, forgotten asylums, decrepit buildings, and cemeteries. However, many are unaware that the roads can be a spooky place. And here are    roads that are fabled for their supernatural occurrences. If you aren’t planning to get spooked out, better turn your GPS on and look for an alternative route.

  1. Clinton Road (West Milford, New Jersey)

If you’re ever passing through the Clinton Road, be sure to be extra careful. Double-check your vehicle. Do measures to prevent your vehicle from stalling along the road. If you’re riding a bike, be sure to wear a helmet like the ones reviewed at https://riskyhead.com/, so that in case you get terrified and meet an accident, you won’t sustain injuries. Some terrifying tales experienced by passersby include phantom headlights, a possessed albino deer, and ghost boy by the bridge. Not only that, the Clinton Road is said to be a meet-up place for Satanic worshippers as proved by the Halloween masks randomly found around the place.

  1. Kelly Road (Ohioville, Pennsylvania)

Ask anyone who lives in Ohioville about the Kelly Road and you’ll surely get a spooky narration. This one-mile stretch is surrounded by dark, thick woods that make it really creepy. According to legends, animals that pass by the road turn evil and aggressive, violently chasing any passersby. Other bizarre events have also been reported like apparitions and unexplainable noises.

  1. A75 Kinmont Straight (Scotland)

Dubbed as the ‘The Ghost Road,’ this section of the road network is home to countless stories of hauntings for the last fifty years. Motorists have reported running over a person but when they stop and check if they struck anyone, they discover nothing. Unexplained sightings at the A75 Kinmont Straight are not a new thing. In fact, it is considered the most haunted road in Scotland.

  1. A229 Sussex to Kent (England)

One of the most hunted roads in England, the A229 that connects Kent and Sussex is home to urban legends about ghost sightings and a ghost lady. Many motorists claim of seeing a white lady suddenly appearing in front of their car. But when they are about to hit her, she disappears. There is an urban legend about a lady who was about to be wed but was killed at the road.

  1. Dead Man’s Curve (Clermont, Ohio)

This dangerous turning intersection has seen countless road accidents and victims. Among the most widely known tragedies at this curve occurred on October 19, 1969. The accident claimed the lives of five teenagers after their vehicle was hit by a speeding car. According to motorists, they encounter a faceless hitchhiker appearing on this intersection.

  1. Highway 666 (Utah)

Perhaps, the name of this road is enough to spook the faint of heart. The road section is well-known for apparitions, accidents, and unfortunate events. Some drivers also report of other supernatural occurrences such as ghost hitchhikers, ghosts in cars, and driver-less cars.

Whether these terrifying stories are true or not, you have been warned! If passing any of these roads is inevitable, it is best to exercise extra caution. If you’re riding a motorcycle, don’t forget to wear a reliable helmet like this one reviewed here: https://riskyhead.com/best-bluetooth-motorcycle-helmet-headset-reviews-and-buying-guide/. Never text and drive! And never drink and drive!