5 Hair-Raising Monsters and Ghosts You Have To Watch Out For While In China

5 Hair-Raising Monsters and Ghosts You Have To Watch Out For While In ChinaEvery culture has its own unique monsters. Perhaps, the world is aware of the western monsters such as the werewolves, zombies, vampires, ghouls, etc. Even dolls and clowns are spreading fear in the U.S.

Just like western cultures, the Chinese has it array of equally frightening demons and monsters. Since ancient times, the Chinese life has been replete with the supernatural creatures. But unlike in the west, the ancient Chinese took the paranormal very seriously. In fact, even an improper ritual could resurrect vengeful spirits.

Here let’s scare ourselves with these Chinese monsters:

  1. Mog wai (monster)

According to Chinese legends, the rain triggers the mating season of the mog wai. They are akin to the “Gremlins” so make sure they don’t get wet. There are also shape-shifting beasts that turn into animals or even mimic humans to trick their victims. The Yaoguai feeds on human souls to gain immortality. A local film adaptation, titled Painted Skin, tells the scary Chinese story about a man who took whom a beautiful lady to be his wife. But one night as he was peeking through the bedroom window, he saw a demon instead of his wife painting features on the woman’s skin.

  1. Jiang shi (hopping corpse)

This terrifying creature can be the Chinese version for zombie and vampire. The Jiangshi is living corpse who has resurrected and victimizes humans to absorb their life essence. These monsters appear greenish white or with putrid flesh. They can only move around by hopping because their limbs and bodies are stuff due to their death. Just a mere sound of Jiang shi’s thumping is enough to scare the hell out of Chinese children.

These paranormal creatures are said to be afraid of their own reflections. So, make sure you have a mirror to keep them away.

  1. E gui (hungry ghost)

In ancient Chinese legends, a person who has lived a greedy life is believed to be punished in the afterlife. The ghost is damned for a perpetual state of unquenchable hunger. Unfortunately, its mouth is too small to eat food. These monsters are common in streets or kitchens, searching for decomposed food or offers. But even if they are in the kitchen, don’t expect them to even think of tidying up. For sure they won’t bother looking for a soap dispenser like those on review here: https://sinkhq.com/best-automatic-soap-dispenser-for-kitchen-reviews-and-buying-guide/. They feed on anything but still remain hungry.

  1. Nu gui (ghost woman)

A woman who has been a victim of murder or abuse will get back from the dead to avenge her sad fate. She is here to revenge against her enemies and to absorb the life essence of her aggressors. Usually, the nu gui won’t hurt women (only scare them) but will kill men. Perhaps, the most popular ghost woman in Chinese pop culture today is Sadako, which comes from the Japanese film The Ring.

  1. Ba jiao gui (banana ghost)

This woman ghost appears under the banana trees, wailing in the dead of the night while carrying a baby. According to folklore, you can summon the ba jiao gui who can give you lucky numbers for lottery. However, make sure you fulfill all your promises; if not, you’re a dead man walking!

So, which monster do you think is the most terrifying?