5 Spookiest Places That Will Prove Ghosts Do Exist

Amazing landscape, picturesque views, and vast skies, America definitely has everything, but that’s not all there is. It is also a land of numerous creepy stories – and I know that’s what you want!

If you’re still an unbeliever of the otherworldly creatures and beings, try roaming through the halls of some haunted hotels, decrepit hospital, and abandoned penitentiary, and tell me they’re untrue.

Where should you go if you want to scare the crap out of yourself?

Let’s check out some of the most haunted places in America, where creepy stories of ghostly haunting and paranormal events have been widely reported.

The Whaley House, San Diego

Probably one of the most haunted places in the United States; the Whaley House in San Diego is rich in history – and stories of otherworldly visitors, strange sightings and sounds, and inexplicable events. The house is known for its torrid past, such as the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson and the suicide of Violet Whaley.

Visitors often report hearing disembodied groans and voices, heavy footsteps, an apparition of the Whaleys, and many other frightening experiences. Several paranormal experts have investigated the house and confirmed eerie presence. When passing-by at night, make sure your car is well lit with a powerful LED lighting like those at LightBarReport.com – ghosts roam even outside the house.

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Originally built as an etiquette school for girls, this century-old Victorian-inspired hotel in San Francisco is a place you’d visit if you want some hair-raising experience. From being a school, the place was repurposed into a 48-room hotel. Although the building was rebuilt for a new purpose, the remnants of its past seem to have get stuck to it.

There are numerous stories about a ghost roaming the hotel and scaring guests. It is believed to be Miss Mary Lake, the school’s late headmistress. Every nook-and-cranny has a frightening tale to be told, but most notorious is Room 410, the former headmistress’ office. Guests report of unexplainable experiences such as luggage being unpacked or blankets moving.

Spanish Military Hospital, St. Augustine

When it comes to creepy places, nothing tops decrepit, old hospitals – and this abandoned building in St. Augustine proves that. Although the original hospital was torn down and rebuilt over a hundred years ago, frightening stories have never ceased through the years. The hospital has seen the agony and torment of many horribly injured, morbidly sick, and painfully diseased patients throughout its long history. But aside from this horrid past, the ground was discovered to be an ancient Indian burial site. With so many otherworldly beings still stuck in the place, longing to see the light, the entire complex has become a hotbed of eerie events.

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

Don’t you dare walk alone around this vast expanse without any powerful illumination like these LED light bars reviewed at http://lightbarreport.com/best-50-inch-led-light-bar-reviews/. Having seen one of the bloodiest skirmishes in American History, the Gettysburg Battlefield is a well-known destination for people looking for paranormal encounters. Nearly 50,000 young men had died in the place. Many of whom never received a proper burial. Ghosts of these soldiers are believed to be trapped right on the field where they died.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadephia

Shadowy figures, heavy footsteps, a sound of chains, and disembodied voices are just some of the many spooky experiences that will welcome visitors in the caste-like Eastern State Penitentiary. The building opened in 1829 and admitted prisoners for solitary confinement.

Inmates lived in complete seclusion – they ate alone, exercised alone, and spent their entire day alone. Whenever they need to leave their respective cell, their heads were covered with hood so they couldn’t see anyone. Although the solitary system was abandoned in 1913, the forms of punishment have become even more unsympathetic. The tormented soul of the prisoners are bringing scare.