A Monstrous Salon

A Monstrous SalonDo you know about all the spoof monster movies out there that are supposed to make the classic spooks, ghosts, goblins and creeps into humorous, funny things? Well I hate those. There’s nothing worse than taking the teeth and claws out of a tiger and then showing it off like it’s something people should still be excited to see. The only way this is acceptable is if you can make the dumbed down version something funny that gets people laughing. You can’t really do that with tigers, but you can definitely do it with movie monsters, a point which got me thinking.

I’ve seen a handful of movies about small town barber shops with casts of characters getting stuck in all kinds of situations. Some of these are actually really popular, like one which is literally titled Barbershop. Well, what if instead of the usual customers, classic monsters came into one of these barber shops instead? You could get Medusa coming in to get some extensions, or the Wolfman getting a perm that makes his whole body look about three times its normal size. I can already think of several nice jokes that could be worked into the scenes pretty easily.

Well, I think it would be pretty funny. It would be even better if I could track down a bunch of old props too; maybe use a barber shop from decades ago to set the mood and make it look like a period piece. Now I don’t really make movies, I just watch them. But I think there’s a potentially good idea here that someone out there might want to do something with. Are there any skilled nail technicians out there who also have a mind for acting and directing film? I don’t know – there probably are. But I don’t have the time to go looking for them.

This might actually be an ideal project for a group of film students looking to make something silly that they could also treat as a serious project. I never went to film school, but I’ll admit I’ve sometimes wondered about what kinds of movies I could make if I was given the chance. There are just so many bad movies in the world, I’m positive I could make something better than a few of them. But if you’re more interested than getting your nails done than the movies I would make, here’s a link.

Well, what do you think about the monster salon thing? If I could get some opinions on that at least, I might feel a bit better. What if Dracula was the old gent who came by in the evenings for a quick shave, or Frankenstein’s monster had a job washing people’s hair and just kept crushing their heads when they came in for a cleanup? I really think there’s a lot of potential here, but  I wonder what other people think too. So drop me a line if the stuff you’ve read here has proved interesting to you in the least.