A Sewing Series

A Sewing SeriesThere are some skills in life which are just basic and essentially useful to know. Things like reading, writing and cooking should all be learned as one grows up if they want any hope of functioning in this world. But these three aren’t the only basic skills which are also highly useful to the one who understands them. Did you know that stitching things together with a needle and thread is a skill essential to survival too? Through sewing, you can do things like make clothes, or tents, or shoes, and more. It may not be as important at literacy, but this is another essential life skill.

Most people aren’t going to be sewing up their own custom clothing or stitching together quilts, blankets and coats. But I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken a needle and thread to a sock that tore in the ankle or the toe. Rather than throwing away what was still a perfectly good article of clothing, I sewed it up and kept using it. Little things like that are what sewing is good for in most cases, but little things like that are also so common that sewing would therefore be useful to a great number of people. This makes it something that’s worth knowing.

That’s hand sewing. You can do that for all kinds of small jobs that don’t require a lot of stitching, or for the finer work that you wouldn’t want to rely on an automatic machine to do. But having a sewing machine is great if you make your own clothes, or if you often sew together large projects. Different machines work better for different people, and I don’t know if there’s really a best machine out there, but I’ve heard that sergers are pretty versatile. Have a look at Serger Pro if you want to see some.

Something like that would be perfect for making your own ghoulish costumes for Halloween parties or other special events. How do you think guys like Dracula get those big, bold capes they love to wear around? Someone has to sew that stuff together, and they probably use a machine to get the job done. If the world ever ends over some atomic war or other crazy event, sewing would be a really viable skill in that environment. You could make clothes from bits and pieces of fabric you find, or maybe even sew up a person to close a bad wound.

Not that this is something I get excited about or anything. It’s just, you have to think about what could go wrong and plan for it. That’s the point behind learning a lot of different skills. But you’ll probably never need to worry about something like that happening. Monsters are just works of fiction, confined to theater screens and televisions. Except for the monsters that aren’t. History has proven that some people can be pretty monstrous if they get the chance. Because you never know what might happen, it’s always better to have more useful knowledge rather than less.