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Hi my name is Philip K. Dicks, glad to see you here!

About us Dick Dynamo’s fifth dimensional website

The official website for Dick Dynamo’s fifth sensational website www.dickdynamo.com deals with Philip K. Dicks most comic and fictional series. In the Super Natural and Aliens sections, the site deals with Dick’s innermost, unseen confidential secrets. The bold and violently colored graphics are not meant for kids. The sound quality is piercing by giving true reflection, justifying very natural typically resembling the sound like monsters.  It also deals with aliens and hysterical women.

The series that are dealt with:

Dick Dynamo is created for men with strong heart and willpower to defeat enemies. It is full of action-packed sequences to drive away the villain or meager elderly lady who stand like a square peg on the way to success.

Dick Dynamo deals with two sets of comic, the alien series and the supernatural series.

In the supernatural section, it is dealing with 6 volumes of prequel comic book spin-off, Supernatural TV series created by Eric Kripke.

In the Alien section, the site deals with the long-running comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics and the comics are created based on the film Aliens released on 1986.

Various episodes with excellent plotting:

The fifth dimensional man is available through www.dickdynamo.com with its various episodes. The theme is given on an excellent plotting with crystal clear sound, dynamic color features. You can check out all the latest editions of Dick Dynamic Fifth dimensional adventures in the official website of dickdynamo.com.  All episodes are created with quality sound features, and all original audio drama podcast is featuring a large cast of kewl weirdos.

The site is designed with great interactive features. Easy to navigate and scroll through the RSS feeds and deals with lots of SFF Audio Podcast links.

Privacy policies:

Dick Dynamo collects personal information as part of its business policy, but that information is used to contact the subscriber for want of identification only.  The site assures to keep the personal information that are absolutely safe and are never shared with any third parties.

You can confidently explore the site of www.dickdynamo.com for latest episodes of Dick Dynamo’s fifth dimensional series.

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