Alien beauty in films

Alien beauty in filmsAll through my childhood, I have watched many alien centric films, which although terrifying at some level managed to make the aliens look cute. This, I understood later on, was to prevent freaking out the audience. The filmmakers had to tread on thin line here as making the aliens look adorable can turn them into just beautiful looking toys rather than extraterrestrials or on the other hand make them too ugly and you can make the audience freak out.

Some of the films I had watched managed to make the aliens so cute but the makers had forgotten to avoid making them act like depraved and hideous monsters. Here are some movies that had cute looking aliens failing abysmally in the nightmare factor.

Mac, Mac and Me

This is a non-cult classic with ambitions of becoming another blockbuster like E.T. but failing miserably. The alien here loves McDonald’s and Coca-Cola and his pudgy body with long legs makes him too bizarre a combination to stomach. And even worse, he doesn’t even try saving the children falling off cliffs, which is another major point against him.


Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Tinky Winky are aliens brightly colored with the sole mission of bewitching toddlers and making them television slaves. While they do look cute on the first glimpse just like an ad for a beauty product, soon you wake up to their true colors. In real life, humans can well do without the beauty secrets of aliens. With advanced skin treatments, such as those found at, of their own, they could definitely consider themselves the most beautiful of species.

And the dismal appearance of the aliens on the whole make you yearn to classify them the ugliest of all species in the galaxy. The teletubbies are your very own nightmare that has been brought to life in full Technicolor. The deadly black eyes and the TV sets seen in their stomachs are terrifying, especially when they display souls of abducted children. In the opening credits, you see a baby’s head catching fire and being turned into the sun of the aliens.

The Dark Crystal

The peace-loving agrarian Podlings in this film are the exact antithesis of what you have in mind about aliens, They are good, kind, adorable and one point against them is they don’t look good. With bulbous heads, coarse hair and shapeless eyes they certainly look a terrifying sight, ugly enough to terrify Kira and everyone else who is watching.

Galaxy Quest

This classic movie was designed mainly to make the aliens look terrifying, while at the same time cute. The faces look clear and free of any blemishes like those that they have been treated with the dermabrasion device from CAMILASBEAUTY. Although they do look cute, they are revolting too. You can admire these aliens all you can until they reveal the sharp fangs in their mouth which are very disturbing.

Star Trek

Even if the Tribbles multiply endlessly, you are not easily disgusted or terrified by them as they are cute and fuzzy.  With the possibility of being drowned in a tribble pile looming large, these tribbles may well seem a bit more on the creepier side with their warm, fleshy ball shape covered with hair.