Aliens And Their Existence

ufo-585761_960_720There have been findings over the past few centuries that allude to the presence of alien life outside Earth. The recent finding involves the discovery of a ‘living entity’, by the Astrobiology Department in Buckingham University.  The microbial form in the shape of a bull has been identified using high-powered magnets, which have captured floating debris in space to form the horned creature.

This finding points that life does exist in space and more over it is falling down to Earth too. Now this is something that has not been proved categorically but still it is certainly a bizarre prospect to ponder over.

What if all these raining particles fall down on Earth and with magnetic force present here form new and living objects of supernatural power. We would have our own sci-fi scenario not cooked up by some movie scriptwriter but for real. How cool would that be!

While many look on with disbelief, others swear by their life that aliens are real and do exist. I myself have made these nighttime jaunts to find out if these instances are true. I meet up with some of my friends during the summer vacation and check out the possible alien invasions sites. I have my sturdy shoes,  Click here, on when I venture out as they are my favorite shoes and keep me cushioned from impact wonderfully. In fact, many alien believers have reported having seen the aliens during their nighttime walk through the fields.

While some reports are bizarre, even if they are from credible sources, you can also find some with fundamental mathematical probability pointing out categorically the presence of aliens all which make it difficult to just ignore the possible presence of aliens.

Here are some of the important findings that show they are real.

Ancient proof

While current findings may or may not be true, given the fact that you can actually make anything look credible with modern day tech, ancient proof cannot be ignored that easily. Did you know that there is actually a painting called UFO painting? ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’- a painting done in 15th century has Virgin Mary in it with a dog and man in the background staring at a disk like object that is familiar to most followers of what I call alien culture.

Cave paintings and Sanskrit Scrolls and even in the Bible, you can find depiction of alien life. And archeologists for their part have discovered remains of elongated skulls that date back to about 300 B.C in Peru’s ancient Paracas city.

I had once gone inside a cave on one of my alien hunts in my native village, which has an abundance of caves being a mountainous region(probably this is the reason for my fixation on aliens!) While as a kid I used to roam about even barefoot sometimes, nowadays I take care about my feet, and wear sensible and robust running shoes. And I don’t go out without them whether I run in the park or go scouring the neighborhood on my alien adventures.

Even statistical data points to presence of aliens. Frank Drake, an astronomer had devised back in 1961 an equation, which was implemented in the year 2001 resulting in the statistical evidence showing technical existence of several thousands of planets. There is more to come so stay in touch!