Basic Tips for First Time Ghost Hunters

No matter how hair-raising and frightening the paranormal and superstitious realm is, there’s something enigmatic and intriguing about it that draws many folks to it. In fact, many people are actually planning to go on a paranormal investigation or a ghost hunting escapade.

Some embark on ghost hunting for the thrill or out of curiosity or just for fun, but whatever your reasons are, make sure you follow some general guidelines to ensure your safety and to make your experience a great one.

Know your goal

When going on a paranormal escapade, you need to be clear with your goal. This would help you towards choosing the right approach. Decide whether you are ghost hunting or paranormal investigation. These two are quite different.

In ghost hunting, you just visit a haunted place and roam around all out of curiosity. There’s no special equipment needed. It’s all just for the thrill. Meanwhile, in paranormal investigation, you want to explore deeper and try to understand reported paranormal activities. This requires technical equipment for tracking paranormal presence, longer periods of observing, and more meticulous approach and documentation.

It would help to write down your goals in a notebook, paper or an undated planner like those reviewed at This should make it easier to review your plans later on.

Choose a location

Ask around for nearby locations with a haunted reputation. Talk to people who have had firsthand experience about the place. Locations with long history of paranormal activities are often the best places to visit.

Get permission

Unless the place is open to the public, be sure to get permission from its caretaker or property owner. This is particularly true if you plan to film, record audio or photograph the place. As much as possible, get a written permission from the owner or local authorities to avoid any criminal liability later.

Never go alone

When going on a paranormal trip, always take at least a buddy to ensure that you have back-up in case anything goes awry. Your buddy should also help confirm in case there are any paranormal experiences. But apart from that, it’s more exciting and fun if you go in groups.

Gadgets aren’t a necessity

When you watch ghost hunting movies, you see all sorts of paranormal gadgetry. But the truth is that you actually don’t need to buy any of these specialized paranormal gadgets, especially if you’re just there for ghost hunting. Your five senses is all that you need to experience the paranormal.

Daytime paranormal escapade is okay

Some think that ghost hunting should be done only at night. While the dark always gets that spooky ambiance, it’s not really necessary. You don’t have to wait for nighttime. You can get to a haunted place and still see and experience ghostly apparitions even in broad daylight.

Keep a record

As mentioned above, paranormal investigation is quite different with ghost hunting as the former is more meticulous. You need to record with video camera, audio recorder or your mobile phone to capture proof of the paranormal activities. It’s also great to bring a notepad or a paper planner where you can write down your experiences.

Follow these tips and carry a huge amount of courage to complete to experience the nerve-wracking and adrenaline-boosting world of the paranormal. Be open minded, observant and quiet if you really want to encounter ghosts and otherworldly presences.