Creepiest Hospitals I Wouldn’t Dare To Visit

When it comes to creepy places, hospitals are definitely on the list. After all, who isn’t afraid of the complex, eerily silent buildings where a lot of people die? And we’re just talking about hospitals currently operating. We’re not yet even talking about creepy abandoned asylums and mental hospitals. In any case, dilapidated, run down, and old hospitals have remained a favorite pick for scary movies for a lot of reasons. They are a magnet for all the creepy ghosts and monsters that Dick Dynamo has been busting!

Here are of the creepiest hospitals you don’t want to be in:

  1. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (Australia)

For a very long time, Beechworth served as Victoria’s only mental institution which first opened during the mid 1800’s and has housed thousands of patients. It finally shut down its operations in 1995 after over a hundred years. According to reports, mysterious occurrences, disappearances and deaths have happened in this asylum. There is a rich history of eerie events that have happened right in this building. And it’s not surprising why countless horrifying tales have been told by people who have been to this place.

  1. Athens Mental Hospital (Ohio, USA)

Known under different monikers, such as Athens Hospital for the Insane and The Ridges, this institution operated from 1874 up to 1993. At a time, it treated over 1,800 patients and was also infamous for housing violent criminals and performance of lobotomy procedure. The history of this hospital is shrouded in mystery. Getting information about its occupants required stringent process which includes a special permission from the Ohio state. It is believed that at least two thousand people are buried on the grounds, with only numbers as marker. But one thing that makes this abandoned hospital extra creepy is the disappearance of a female patient that occurred sometime in 1978. A year after, her body was found lifeless in an abandoned ward; and until now the stain on the floor where she was found remains visible, despite three decades.

  1. Old Changi Hospital (Singapore)

Ever experienced spontaneous movement of things? If you haven’t yet, try visiting the Old Changi Hospital, which has seen a lot of these. Even before it ceased operation in 1997, healthcare workers have reported numerous spooky experiences like moving chairs or nurses’ equipments. Don’t even think that a newly bought stethoscope that you read about at will be spared. There’s just a lot of spookiness in this hospital which was once used as Japanese prison camp as well as a torture chamber. Evidence of otherworldly presence hounds the spooky, decrepit halls, corridors and rooms of this building.

  1. Severalls Hospital (England)

Another psychiatric hospital on the list, the Severalls Hospital in Colchester, England is home to terrifying reports about haunting and ghostly apparitions. Now decrepit and abandoned, this mental institution opened in 1913 and has treated thousands of patients with psychiatric conditions. During its heyday, Severalls Hospital was known for performing psychiatric experiments such as electroshock therapy and brain surgeries. These procedures were thought to help ‘treat’ teenage defiance and moodiness, albeit with questionable results. It also admitted women who gave birth to bastard children, usually due to rape. After shutting down in 1997, the hospital has been neglected and subjected to unabated vandalism. For the fearless, the mortuary is a sure place to experience terror!