Fear and its types

Fear is something that has been grossly misunderstood. It is not a complex feeling as people paint it. Fear is a feeling of anxiousness spurred on by our anticipating an imagined experience or event. In fact, according to Franklin Roosevelt, the only thing we need to fear is fear itself.

Health experts opine that the anxiousness is a standard biological reaction like the body signals that we get, when we are facing a tricky situation like a company audit, a split up with a partner or being in an accident.

Some people experience stage fear. They freeze up in front of an audience. I initially had this type of fear but now I’m free of it. This is mainly due to my taking part in sing along parties. Having a good quality-singing machine, click here, also makes a great deal of difference.

Fear just like other emotions you feel is in reality information that is offered to us. If we decide on accepting it, we will be able to improve the understanding and knowledge of the psychobiological state we are in. Fundamentally, there are five types of fears. Here is a break down on each of the fears.


This is described as the fear of being annihilated or of stopping to exist. While some people call this as fear of dying, I think this description is a more precise way of explaining the fear. The notion of not existing brings out an anxiety in people, which is I suppose a normal reaction. The way insurance companies mint money now shows how true this fear is. The extinction type of fear is more like the panicky feeling you experience, when you see down from the top floor of skyscraper.


Being afraid of losing part of one’s body or the idea of having the body’s integrity invaded or losing any function, organ or body part can bring on the mutilation fear. We fear bugs, snakes, spiders and other animals, because of this mutilation fear.

Being helpless

Immobilization, restricted movement, paralysis, imprisonment, entrapment, being overwhelmed or smothered, and being limited by circumstances come under this type of fear. In the pure physical form, this fear is called as claustrophobia. This fear is also connected to the fear of relationships and social interactions.

The fear of giving a speech or singing on stage too come under this type. As I mentioned earlier, I found it hard to overcome my fear of singing, but persevered and most of the credit goes to my karaoke machine, which I bought at KaraokeIsle.com. Now I can belt out any type of song be it classical, rock or country without ever worrying about how bad it may sound. I suppose those listening should be pitied and may be they’d have an entirely new type of fear hearing me sing!


Being afraid of rejection, abandonment and losing connectedness or ceasing to gain respect, value, or feeling unwanted come under separation fear. Being under silent treatment from friends or family can be quite devastating for the person affected.

Losing integrity

Being in the receiving end of shame, humiliation, or some other form of self-disapproval from others come under this fear type. It leads to loss of self-integrity. This can be quite debilitating in the sense that it makes one lose his or her sense of capability, worthiness, and lovability.