Flaunting your influence does not make you worthy of awards

The Smith family Hollywood has become something of a huge disappointment in recent days. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are ungraciously behaving like sore losers. This is particularly severe in light of their huge influence and historic prowess in Hollywood over the years. Now, we are not talking about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith aka Mr. and Mrs. Jolie (or Pitt). Brad continues to make good movies, whether as a producer or bit part actor, while his collagen and silicone-enhanced wife, Angelina, continues to be a noteworthy goodwill ambassador on behalf of the United Nations in New York City.

Brats and legends

The Smith family we are referring to here is that of the unusual but potentially talented family of former rapper, Will, and his good-looking wife, Jada. The Hollywood pair also have two very unusual kids who are following in mom and dad’s footsteps. These days, highly upset and perceptively jealous, the Smiths don’t seem to be able to make informed decisions or produce objective statements for their adoring followers to digest. At this stage, reviewing the coherent advice from the content developers at the Light Bar Land, does not look like an enterprise that will benefit them or their fans.

How sad and highly convenient to horror and science fiction fans. It has been some years since Will Smith has been able to match or improve upon his excellent remake of Charlton Heston’s The Millennium Man, in the form of I Am Legend, one of the best creations of mixing science fiction and horror in one film reel. Now, while the geriatric Heston still has issues with guns and rifles, the Smiths are behaving like brats instead of the professionals that they should be. Unprofessionally, they are boycotting this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, mainly because, they feel, no blacks or African Americans are being rewarded this time around.

Time for more Scott and Washington collaborations

Unlike them, Hollywood’s best action man, Denzel Washington, a two-time Academy Award winner and multiple nominee (no surprises for guessing why), just gets on with the job. Since Smith has become a pale reflection of the science fiction hero he once was, we would love it if the more mature Washington would step into a new collaboration with Ridley Scott, brother of the late Tony, and go on to produce some science fiction flicks and entertain the shit out of us all.

We’d also like Fish (Jada Plunkett Smith) to be slaughtered and in fact the network responsible for running Gotham – a tacky and weak spin-off of the Batman comics – to pull the plug on the show. It is a huge disappointment and, quite frankly, an insulting smack in the face of all Batman fans out there.

Of course, this reviewer here is only replicating the emotive and subjective behavior of the Smiths. So, more qualified comic book and science fiction experts are welcome to voice their disagreement in the comment field provided.