How to tame your emotional monster

Almost everyone would have had a few scary confrontations with monsters (albeit fake monsters) during their childhood. This would have been mostly imaginary but at that time, it would have been quite a terrifying experience. And it is one that many find difficult to come out of.

I have imagined monsters hiding in the closet, under the bed, behind the curtains and in any dark corner in my room, so much so that I always had a small lamp on at night. While it is all right to have visions of monsters, imaginary of course, as a child, when you are confronted with monsters of a different kind such as anger, grief, envy and fear, which are emotional monsters, you need to tame them before they wreak havoc with your peace of mind and health. Here are some ways to tackle those emotional monsters that keep you from being happy in life.

Heed to the monster talk

When you feel monsters reside in you, you will be inevitably drawn to self-doubts and negative thoughts. All these are accepted by you whether they are true or not. Therefore, what you need to do is to listen with care on what the monsters really talk about.

Identify your monster

When you are able to find out the identity of the monster frightening you, it will be easy to get rid of the negative and fearful emotion. You will be able to see clearly what exactly you are afraid about. With the monster lurking inside you, it will feel like being hunted. Speaking of hunting, I have gone on a few hunting expeditions mostly of small game. Having good quality hunting gear such as tactical knives found here help in many ways during the entire expedition.

Since I have experienced the emotional monsters, I know how a hunted animal feels. The negative emotions push you into a corner making it look like there is no escape avenue whatsoever. But when you find out what exactly you are afraid of such as failure to live up to the expectations of your parents, failing in a test or being bullied it would be easier to resolve.

View the monster as separate from the problem

Treat the monster and the issue that is conjuring up the monster as separate. For instance, the frustration and anger you feel are monsters you cannot control. Keep these two aside and look at the real issue that is churning up the anger and frustration. You will be able to concentrate on the problem and tackle it without the monster looming over you and preventing any positive action. I initially had doubts about my hunting prowess. But once I focused on the technique that my guide assisted me in, I was able to set aside my reservations and put in my best effort. The folding knife my guide recommended to buy from deserves special mention, as it came in handy right from setting up the watch to handling the hunted game.


Having separated the monster, you should visualize dealing with the problem effectively. The joy you get out of the visualization for having conquered the issue would perk you up and make you deal with confidence.

However big the problem you are facing, it is easier to tackle it when you break it down into steps and tackling them one at a time. While positive affirmations do help, they are not the right solution. The steps above help you chase away the monsters for good.