How to track down monsters and aliens

How to track down monsters and aliensIt is alleged that there are no aliens on earth. After all their superior intelligence has given them logic that we could never understand, even with all the algorithms and technologically advanced software programs and spy-detection devices at our disposal. It is alleged that these aliens, with their advanced behavioral and sociological patterns of doing things wouldn’t find it prudent to navigate and land on chaotic earth. But what about the malevolent creatures that you’ve seen in the movies? Evil beings thrive in evil environments, don’t they?

Distinguish between the real monsters and aliens

For these creatures, earth is barely warm. Sometimes it’s a little too cold for them. This is why some of you who have sited them know that it is a rare occurrence. For the rest, know that just like the truth, they are out there. Those of you who are the slightest bit interested in going on a hunting expedition to track down monsters and aliens can read on.

Firstly, you need to distinguish between the real monsters and aliens in your midst. Because of conflict and dire economic circumstances in certain parts of the world, many aliens are making their way over to your neighborhood. You need to be on your guard, because these are hardy creatures. Not even monsters can stop them. Even with the most advanced laser rangefinders at their fingertips, the monsters who hate all creatures that are inherently different from them still can’t seem to stop aliens, smaller in size and with their children in tow, from crossing their borders.

Shoot to kill

Before you head off on your expedition, make sure that your local monster and aliens retailer has supplied you with the most up to date guide on the latest entries into earth’s orbit. The men in black don’t need to remind you surely, that these visitors from other planets have a nasty habit of transforming themselves on a regularly basis. Next, you need to arm yourself with standard heavy-duty arms in order to shoot to kill.

As sophisticated as they are (you won’t even see aliens carrying them), laser, nuclear powered machines are having little or no effect on the latest crop of aliens. In line with their ability to transmogrify themselves, aliens have had more than enough practice elsewhere to worm their way around stunning laser beams. Then there’s the small matter of what to wear. Whether in an urban setting or out in the bush dress comfortably and wear clothing that is thick enough to protect you from any unforeseen mishaps such as falling from a tree.

Don’t wear dark clothing if you are hunting at night. But do wear the brightest possible clothing with all the bells and whistles that you can find. Aliens can see and sense dark matter on the darkest of nights so this gaudy brightness may confuse them. At this stage, while one appreciates all their superior abilities, one gets the impression that websites such as this one might come in handy for them.