Hunting Intelligent Aliens

While there has been much said and done about aliens, I have always had a niggling doubt about their existence. If it were true that they exist and have a higher IQ than us, wouldn’t we have been exterminated, infected, assimilated, abducted or invaded by them? While many theories have been going around about alien existence, there is still no concrete evidence regarding their presence.

With so many galaxies and stars present in our universe, it is strange that not a single alien race has descended upon us. There may be reasons for this state of existence like maybe we are not on their to visit list or worse still we may be the most sophisticated life form in the universe, or the only living form in the entire universe.

All this may sound scary, but may be true. If you want to disprove such theories, the only way is to not wait for an alien invasion, instead go hunting for them. Here are some tips to hunt smart aliens.

The hunt

Although life beyond the limits of our planet is yet to be found, humans are still drawn to finding about extra-terrestrial existence. While it is difficult to sustain our flora, fauna, and human life in the present day scenario thinking of looking for aliens may seem a crazy thing to do.

Although there are devices to grow plants without sunlight and other technological advances to sustain life on earth, looking for aliens whose very existence is still suspect is certainly a farfetched and bizarre search. Scientists have been coming up consistently with weird and hi-tech ways to detect these aliens in our galaxy.


One way to hunt for the aliens is consider them to have evolved just like us. Since we do not have any other examples of evolution in our universe, this is a good assumption to make and a logical one too, even if it may be a tad improbable.

Radio frequency

soldier-160420_960_720One development phase that aliens as a race would have latched on to early is transmitting radio waves. Since we have been using radio frequency waves for over a century, it would be easy for aliens to spy on us and know about our existence and life activities. But this is possible only when accidental leakage of the radio waves occur. But if the situation is reversed and we could use the radio antennae to detect alien radio signal, it can be a distinct possibility to mull over.

As mentioned before measures that can sustain human population on this earth receive more importance than the presence or threat of aliens. For instance, we have the climate change, terrorism and other issues to be concerned about more. Measures such as using LED grow systems such as those at help us to contribute towards making the earth greener and reduce our carbon footprints. There are several other such measures, which we need to take up to ensure we are safe. And safety includes the impending threat of an alien invasion, which although not proved is still a looming one.

While research on the radio waves theory had been started back in 1960s, only recently the Kepler Space telescope in NASA has done searches on other star systems to detect alien presence. Although nothing concrete has been found yet, this is a big step forward that can come up with some long sought after truths about aliens.