Internet Urban Legends

Internet Urban Legends

Have you ever heard the term “copypasta?” They were short, creepy messages left in the comments sections of various blogs in the early 2000s. They featured short, self-contained stories, and threatened users with horrible curses if they failed to “copy and paste to 3 other comments sections.” The stories all followed a certain format; the most common was that a little girl had been murdered recently, by a user of this very site, that she wanted her story spread so the “killer” would come to justice. If you didn’t share, you would be haunted by her spirit forever.

Copypasta got more and more creative, but then they evolved. Originally they were short, 100 word little stories, but some got even more elaborate and stranger. Over time, the term “creepypasta” emerged. These creepypasta were full-length short stories that feature tales of… All sorts of things. The most famous of these creepypasta is the Slenderman story; the story of a tall, thin man with no face that stalks children at night. However, this is the most overplayed story as well. There are SO many that are much better. Here are a few of the creepiest creepypasta. Are they true?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

Ben Drowned

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the creepiest title in the series ALREADY. The base game is frightening to the player. But what if it was haunted? What if there was the ghost of a little dead boy that stalks your player, glitches the game out, and seems to follow you into the real world? This is the story of Ben Drowned, one of the most frightening creepypasta on the internet. You may not feel safe playing classic Nintendo games again. In fact, some of these stories are so scary that I feel like getting survival gear from and living in the wilderness away from the internet forever.

No End House

Everyone loves a good haunted house attraction around halloween. But what if this house never let you out? What if the fears weren’t fake after all? What if the house uses your mind to frighten you? This creepypasta was so successful that it actually became the subject of season 2 of Channel Zero on SyFy, and is some of the scariest TV in existence right now. In fact, after you finish reading this, go watch seasons 1 and 2 of Channel Zero. They are all based on creepypasta, and do GREAT work. Speaking of Channel Zero…

Candle Cove

Have you ever had a childhood memory that turned out to be inaccurate in some way? That something was scarier than you remembered it being before? Candle Cove plays on these fears. The story is a “blog” where viewers talk about a show they all loved as kids called Candle Cove… But this show had many layers that the viewers did not remember at first. Childhood memories can play tricks sometimes, and this stories like these play on those fears.