Let’s face it, these monsters really do exist

Even if only in our imagination. But most of the readers here believe they really do exist. Just spend a little bit more of your own eerie time here with us to get the gist of the stories and comments catalogued here. Not even the comic book heroes are spared this post’s wrath against them because an alien is an alien and ultimately, not human. Whenever Superman whooshes by, faster than the speed of light in reality, but slowing deliberately to make his super-presence felt, be wary.

Even the producer of The Man of Steel and his valiant story writers had a subtle stab at this perceptive but deceptive hero, always living on the fringes of human society and always having to live a double life.

Superman the blasphemer

In the last film reincarnation of Superman, the producers and writers succeeded in portraying the blasphemous undertones of the much-loved hero, aligning him dangerously close to the ultimate beast himself, Satan. You could call that scene poignant, but it is stark and vivid. In the event, allegedly arriving to save humanity from a rogue alien, Superman deliberately descends from the sky, replicating Christ’s portrayal on the Cross, or His ascension into the clouds.

Can you now see how dangerous it is to believe in such heroes with superhuman or alien abilities? But fortunately, there are vigilantes who still put their heart, body and soul on the line to save their community.

He may be living with his own demons, but we still have Batman to fall back on. And it just goes to show how fallible he is as a human being. Just look at all those weapons and gizmos he carries about his person to do the job he swore he would do after the beastly Joker killed his benevolent folks.

While Batman has his own collection of useful and ingenious weapons, we also have the luxury of choice and invention. For instance, http://www.archerybootcamp.com/ focuses on recurve bows. While they do that there are hundreds of places you can visit to source the best and most effective weapons to help you slay those things that go bump in the night, and worse.

A tribute to Mary Shelley

The classic Frankenstein lives on in everyone’s imagination. His presence is felt far beyond the classic tale composed by Mary Shelley. A frail, peripheral woman, she had her own demons to deal with. But she had the courage to alert the world of the dangerous presence of Viktor Frankenstein, unworthy of the title, MD.

Bob de Niro did the world a favor when he limped his way through Kenneth Branagh’s limp acting portrayal of Frankenstein. He showed us who the real monster is.

And centuries after Shelley’s story was published, Frankenstein’s legacy lives on in us and not in the comic books. While these picture books still bravely go on attempting to slay beasts, we go on creating our own monsters in real life.