Mysterious & Scary Monsters Around the Globe

People always do have wild imaginations and weave scintillating stories about mysterious and scary monsters.  They must be real or lived purely in an imaginary world, pumping up the adrenalin level.  Most of the stories defy the simple logic of rational thinking.  This article deals with 10 mysterious, and scary monsters lived around the globe.  I don’t claim they were all lived or existing, but you can expect an element of thrill and anxiety while reading these stories.

  1. Ogopogo:aa

Ogopogo is believed to be a lake monster seen by some ancient inhabitants of Canada.  This creature was seen reported in the Lake Okanagan of Canada and was first reported in the 19th century.   Many cryptozoologists believe that the creature could be a primitive serpentine whale known as Basilosaurus.

  1. Bigfoot:

A lot of curious stories are woven around Bigfoot and, of course, one of the world’s most marquee monster leaving readers puzzled over and over again.  This has become a hot subject when a short film was released in 1967 in the valleys of Bluff Creek, Calif.  In the film, it could be seen that a huge human-sized creature with furry walking along.  The authenticity of the film is not yet been confirmed but still considered as the best evidence for Bigfoot.

  1. Vampires:

Is it real?  It remains as one of the wild imagination of storytellers.  The sensual imagination was cleverly detailed in various films going back to the old classic film Dracula to the latest Blade.  The story lines are very scary and in the wee hours people dare to sit alone once seen this vampire type movies or even reading stories. Vampires are known for their qualities to suck blood and nicknamed as bloodsuckers.

  1. Cockatrice:bb

As the name suggests, it is a cross breed of chicken and hatched by a toad. This mythical creature looks like rooster head and dragon body with two legs. It is believed that the creature does have unnatural powers to turn people into solid rock and creature can also fly.


Blemmyes is a headless mythical creature with the face on their chest. They are cannibals.  The name developed from the Hebrew words and literally can be translated to “No Brain”.  The finest details are written Herodotus and are believed to be lived in ancient Libya.

  1. Pontianak:

The meaning of Pontianak is, “woman who died in childbirth”.  They prey on men.  The mythical story is part of ancient Indonesian culture that can freeze your bone.  These creatures produce soft fragrance when they are very close to you and cry like a baby.  They are known for their horrendous actions, flushing your eyes and driving into your stomach. They are believed to be identifying their prey by sniffing the clothes that are left outside.  Because of this, men in this part of the world never leave out their clothing overnight.

 7. Werewolves:

Another awesome cross breed of man and beast believed to be terrorized French men in 1974.  When strange creatures killed dozens of villagers, the story of werewolves spread like wild fire. It is a pure imagination of human being where breathtaking stories are created with wonderful imagination. The stories swirled around the ability of men to change into animal either at will on particular dates or moon phase.

  1. Sirens:

They are believed to be the cousins of mermaids. The sirens are beautiful, hot looking women habitat at rocky cliffs seduce desperate sailors.  They sing in their beautiful voice and sailors follow their mellifluous melody and walk into the death trap.

  1. Champ:cc

Champs are called as “America’s Loch Ness Monster.”  These mysterious creatures are seen in Lake Champlain, very close to Vermont, New York, and Canada.  This creature is about 10 to 100 ft long with many humps on the body and with dark skin.  The head of Champ looks like a dog and snake add up the mostly look of the creature.

  1. Leshy:

This imaginative creature is a product of Slavic legend and is considered as woodland spirit.  Leshy has the quality to protect animals and forest.  The creature can change its look and size.  The body and facial parts look like living grass and wood.  The creature is considered as the ruler of the forest and carry a club in the hand to protect the wildlife.  It has no shadow and can imitate the sound of people. Leshy is not evil but at times it kidnaps people who wander in the forest and seduce ladies and kill them.