Ten Most Controversial Topics That Bother the US

People do have a different opinion on various subjects, and they mostly agree to disagree on matters that are not acceptable to them.  The reason for disagreement would be ideological, political and religious. Apart from this, customary social, behavioral patterns that are carried over from generation to generation and is practiced as part of their life if suddenly asked to change by a legal amendment may also bring a lot of dissent in the society.

Let us discuss some of the controversial issues that are critical and need to be addressed immediately.  The priority of ranking may differ from person to person, but issues will remain as an issue unless it is not addressed properly and later invite social protest.

  1. US Arms law: (According to Gallup, 58% of Americans are in favor of strengthening gun law)aa

Lots of discussions are going on unabated without finding a proper solution.  We need to have a strict arms and ammunition law.  In modern society like what we are enjoying today, there is no need for individuals to keep arms and ammunition for security reason.

2. Death Penalty: (According to Pew Research Center and CBS News show, 56% Americans support the death penalty)

It is a burning issue, and many people believe that state should not take the life of a criminal. But the supporters argue that a criminal murderer, irrespective of their political or religious objectives must be awarded death penalty as this will act as a social deterrent.

3. Abortion: (According to Gallup, 51% support under certain circumstances, 29% support under any circumstances and 19% oppose).

A lot of moral and ethical values are involved in the abortion issue.  On the moral side, a hapless fetus is aborted that seems like very cruel. Do we have the right to kill a fetus?  A very delicate question to answer with a clear conscious.

4. Social Security: (According to Gallup 48% consider it as minor source of income, 36% consider a major source of income and 14% differs)

Social Security service has to be strengthened and funding must be able to meet a full-time retirement expenses.  The contributions by the State and Employer and Employee must be increased to meet the expectations of the public and Social Security Pension must be the main source of income for retired people.

5. Euthanasia: (As per Gallup Seven out 10 American support euthanasia)

Well, this is a disturbing issue. I am not sure how can I support my beloved people be allowed to killed by a doctor. This is may be wrong from a third-person perspective, but the patient should have the right to take a decision to take the call whether should be allowed for euthanasia. Interestingly, some religions especially Jains do have a practice something equal to euthanasia known as Santhara/Sallekhana where a person can decide to quit his life by limiting the intake of food and water.

6. Having child outside marriage (54% favoring, 41% disagree and 13% no opinion)

More people are accepting the fact that we need to have institutional marriage system to bring up our children. As long as a mother or father is financially capable of bringing up their children individually or jointly, there should not be any problem to have a child outside marriage relationship.

7. Phone and email tapping: (As per Pew Survey 57% disagree on surveillance system)

In a growing state of dissent and terrorist activities, online and personal surveillance is essential. But this has to be handled with care. No such information should be used for the purpose what has been designated, and authorities who collect such information are accountable if such information is misused.

8. Buying fur products: (56% are in favor, 39% against and 17% no opinion)bb

Fur clothes are morally wrong. Because a lot of animal species are butchered even in the fetus stage to create quality fur clothes.

9. Cloning animals: (32% are in favor, 62% against and 30% without any opinion)

Lot of hard work is involved in cloning. If science can reproduce the extinct species by way of cloning or reverse tweaking, there should not be any objection. But ethically, speaking it should not be used to clone a man but can be considered if a man is critically ill and want to have a replica. Is there any problem or morality involved in it?

10. Stem cell research: (62% favoring, 30% disapprove and 32% without any opinion)

Stem cell research open a new plethora of hope for some baffling medical issues. By using stem cell therapy if you repair some of your body parts or even cure some birth disorders, is there any harm in it? We have a lot of hope for stem cell research and related therapies.