The Scariest Video Games of All Time

We’ve all played some games like Dead Space that test the limits of our fear. But what about games that seem to be just a bit… Wrong. I’m talking about the legendary games like Ben Drowned, Petscop, and Sad Satan. These games are widely known in many circles of the internet for being mysterious, frightening, and completely unknown. No one knows who made them. That in and of itself is horrifying to me. Here are a few games you can look up on Youtube… if you dare.

Sad Satan

Sad Satan is a completely mysterious. There are rumors about it that can shock the most hardcore horror fans… And I want to clear up fact and fiction as much as possible. Sad Satan is a game from a mysterious developer on the Darknet. No one knows who made it, and no one knows why or what the game is about. Sad Satan seems to be first person roaming game. You walk through dark hallways and strange landscapes, and there are always noises just beyond you. There are pictures on the wall of horrifying things; corpses, tortures, you name it. There are rumors that this version of the game is actually the cleaned up version… The original feature content too graphic and grotesque for me to even talk about here. Trust me, I don’t even want to talk about some of the rumors I’ve heard about this game. I have a strong stomach, but they make ME sick to read about. You can still find copies of this game on Tor sites on the darknet.


Petscop is allegedly an old Playstation game about a cute figure that goes around capturing pets that have escaped, sort of like low-budget Pokemon. Petscop takes a dark turn when you enter a cheat code however… You enter a completely dark level, and you can only see in from of you. You see messages that unsettle and creepy you out… Notes on that wall that read “do you remember being born?” or “I will take her to school. Then I will shoot her in the head.” These game footage videos scared me so much that I had to watch them in parts. I had to take a break and go play some airsoft with friends outside just to calm down.


Concluse is much like Sad Satan, but it has better textures and themes. This game seems to take place in a small town, seemingly right out of an H.P. Lovecraft novel. You are gradually going mad in the game, and you see and hear things that you can’t identify. You will also be chased by monsters that never really show themselves. Worst of all, everything is cloaked in a dark fog that obscures your vision. You can’t go inside any buildings, as they are all locked with screaming, horrified people inside. The game is hard to play, and even hard to watch because it is simply so unnerving.