Top 10 Monsters in Comic Book History

With profound awe, we adore superheroes in our comic books/videos saving the cities and the people from the wrath of evil and bad people. We mimic and kind of try to emulate them in our actions if not we can have their superpowers. But the main reasons they are called as superheroes because there are some villains who do the dirty deeds.

Let’s look at some of the best monsters in the comic history. Each of these monsters has been equally appalling, wicked and destructive.

  1. Vermin

Vermin was the monster that first appeared in Captain America comic in August 1982. Edward Whelan was a geneticist working for Baron Zemo (an imposter). During his experiments, his skin turns light pinkish colour and turns out to a cannibal rat. He resides in the sewers of NY sewers and is often found to kidnap people and kill them. However, Vermin is finally defeated by Captain America and Spiderman

  1. Morbius the Living Vampire

A vampire has always been the favourite topic of comic creators. However, this monster was little different from the rest.  This vampire was induced in it scientifically rather than by birth or bite. Michael Morbius was a biochemist, who while conducting experiments to cure his rare blood disease with vampire bats and electrotherapy. However, this inflicted on them “pseudo- vampirism”, an urge to attack humans and feed on them. It also gave him superhuman abilities like superhuman strength and super fast healing abilities. It also made him avoid sunlight like vampires. He first appeared in Amazing Spiderman in October 1971.

  1. Werewolf by Night

No discussion of comic monsters is complete without the werewolf. A guy named Jacob Russoff inherits lycanthropy on his 18th birthday and goes on affecting others. He would transform into a dangerous, bloodthirsty werewolf on every full moon and devours men. This scary monster first appeared in Marvel Spotlight in February 1972

  1. Solomon Grundy

Another zombie to the list of scariest monsters! Rather it would be controversial to add Solomon Grundy to be exactly called a zombie because even though he is dead, it’s entirely composed of wood because of the swamp in which it was buried and from which it resurrected. Green Lantern battles it and tries to kill it, but it being un-dead Green Lantern fails to do so. Thereby he commits many murders and becomes the ultimate villain battling the likes of Superman and Batman.

  1. Frankenstein

The age-old classic, Frankenstein, the super-villain existing from the old era was revamped by DC Comics in 1948. He was often found to battle often with Superman and Batman. Created by stitching together many corpses together, this undead body had a terrifying description and truly created fear in the minds of the readers. Frankenstein was created by young scientist Victor Frankenstein, by rogue scientific methods and was ultimately killed by Frankenstein himself because the monster could not control his emotions. This ferocious beast had captured the imaginations of many people worldwide and continued to marvel many comic enthusiasts even today.

  1. Fin Fang Foom

Fing Fang Foom is one of its kinds, a shape changing alien monster that first appeared in Strange Tales in October 1961. Fin Fang Foom is actually an alien from another galaxy. Afterwards, he is possessed by a demonic spirit and goes on destroying the earth. He is ultimately defeated by Iron Man and War machine.

  1. Ertigan

One of the true demons, Etrigan is a demonic spirit from Hell, who was summoned by a wizard Merlin in an attempt to have the creature’s powers. However, he was unable to do so and so forth bonded him with Jason Blood, one of King Arthur’s council. This gives the powers of immortality to Jason Blood. In the modern times, Jason Blood works as a demonologist in Gotham City. He recites a poem when he is invited to Merlin’s crypt that turns him into Ertigan. The really cool thing about this demon is that it recites in rhymes and ultimately leads into higher ranks near to the Hell Lord Lucifer.

  1. Sadu-Hem

A monster from the Hell-Boy Universe, it wielded enormous power and were possibly one of the most frightening monsters in the universe. This monster had the inherent capability to transform anyone into frog monsters who opposed him. This faceless, tentacled evil spirit was the offspring of the Ogdu-Jahad, a demon with unimaginable power who main purpose was to bring the destruction of earth. However, he was killed by the popular devil Hellboy in his attempt to do so. But the sheer amount of power it wielded and the force with which it devoured even worlds apart makes it a pretty scary monster.

  1. Dracula

How can one forget the yesteryear classic, the Prince of the Dead and the rightly speaking the king of the monster clan?  Born as Vlad Dracula, he was a normal human being who was transformed into a vampire by a gypsy Lianda and after defeating the vampire lord Nimrod was crowned as the ruler of Earth’s vampires. No other monster has captured the imagination of the masses as Dracula had, the utterly chilling stories of Dracula devouring men and women into a vampire, his handsome look that attracted women towards him. The tales about Dracula has extended right from old days and has been fascinating readers alike.

  1. Xorn

A popular villain in the X-men franchise, Xorn has turned to be a classic villain in all sorts. Rightly from the start appearing as a delusional mutant who attends Xavier’s school of mutants and helping Professor Xavier to walk, Xorn appears to belong to the good mutant brigade. However, this Chinese mutant with “a star for a brain” shows his real character as a baddie when he is revealed as the X-men’s prime enemy, Magneto in disguise. He then uses his powers to destroy the New York City. Xorn is demonstrated to have special healing powers. However, Xorn was always confusing and controversial topic with many X-men followers really being confused between Xorn as the real character and Magneto in disguise.