Ways and means to lure vampires into your lair

Ways and means to lure vampires into your lairLet’s have a conversation about vampires, shall we? Of the billions of warm-blooded souls currently roaming this world, only a small minority believes in or has actually seen or encountered vampires. Like their counterparts who have been abducted by outer space aliens, mainly for scientific and more creative purposes, they have their legions of supporters with all the tools at their disposal to sell their blood-curdling tales to the world. But who is listening and who really cares anyway? Fortunately, some of us still do. And it’s high time we make a concerted effort to hunt them down before their mealtimes have more long-lasting effects on sectors of society beyond this valiant minority of vamp slayers and lovers.

Getting all hell to break loose

Don’t believe all the stories and comic books you’ve read. Also, don’t take to heart what you’ve already seen in moving pictures, because believe us, vampires have soul. And what better way than to lure them into your lair with gratifying music? You can do this with an edifying black-coated YDP. It may not sound and look like the real thing, but it comes close. Also, you do not need to be a classical musical genius like Dracula to play dramatic notes as the thirsty vampires make their way into your cave.

The main thing is that this gizmo is black, the favorite color of vampires. Also, it’s a cinch learning how to play Drac’s favorite movements (or at least come close to replicating). That’s enough about funky music instruments for one night. You can read more from this website on how you can get all hell to break loose, right within the confines of your cozy lair.

Romantic vampire-slaying accoutrements

You’re not about to make frenemies with this lot, so let’s talk about weapons of choice. If you’re looking for more carnal knowledge with a vampire, that part’s easy. We’ll round off this guide with a tipsy tart tip. For now though, sharp, classical blades and swords remain a popular choice, not just because they are effective but it adds to the aura of dealing with vampires in a romantic sort of way. To give you a leg up on combat, vampires aren’t at all thrilled with the idea of fighting to the death. It is only due to their supernatural strength that they win most of their fights.

As a matter of rule and respect, we need to make an exception here. Vlad the Impaler knows no equals and remains a legend of our times. Rest assured though, he won’t be venturing near your lair’s opening because he’s far too busy invading countries and slaying mortals by the thousands.

Vixens have a soft spot for you

Strictly speaking, vampires believe in making love, not war. Love makes the vampire’s world go round too. So, in order to deceive them (you may have had practice with fellow-humans already) look and act your seductive best. Be suave and macho at the same time if you are dealing with vixens in particular. They have that soft spot.