Ways to deal with hysteria

person-802488_960_720Occasionally you would have come across a person behaving totally out of character like screaming or sobbing uncontrollably or an otherwise calm person behaving maniacally throwing or breaking things. Hysteria is a condition that arises when emotions get out of control due to some reason or other.

The emotions become overwhelmingly powerful that you lose control. The cause behind hysteria can be attributed to many things, but generally, anxiety disorders almost always cause hysteria.

Sometimes exposure to anxiety over a long span can make a person reach a state wherein their emotions spiral beyond their control. If you feel you are in the brink of becoming hysterical, you can save embarrassment and distress by trying the following tips:

Take a walk

Walking is an exercise that helps you calm your thoughts. When you sit or stay inside your home, it fuels your thoughts into running wild. Walking helps to improve your circulation and breathing, and creates distraction, which is welcoming relief to the depressing and stifling thoughts you are having.

If you have a swimming pool you can also go for a swim. Whenever I get too angry to think clearly, I just head to my pool, which is heated nicely with a pool heater I purchased at https://poolhomeschool.com/. The swim is much more vigorous than walking and hence works faster to douse your angry and anxious thoughts.

Talk to someone

It need not be someone in the family or a friend. The act of talking on your mobile helps to reduce the hysteria. This is more effective than when you talk in person, as you would be embarrassed about showing your state of distress. Actually talking on your mobile requires considerable amount of mental power, so you will be distracted from your anxiety and listening to a soothing voice further increases the calming effect.


megaphone-50092_960_720Sometimes yelling is a way to release the pent up emotions. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and makes you lose steam. But ensure there is no one around when you do so. While this may be extreme, and similar to a hysterical outburst, you can try doing some manual work like gardening especially pulling out weeds and pruning, which are demanding tasks that helps relieve the emotional stress.

Swimming as I said before is a great way. Some experts suggest dousing in cold water helps to shock you into a stupor and let go of the hysterical feelings. While this may be of use, if you are at the peak of hysteria, I however prefer my pool water to be heated to at least normal temperature in general. My pool heating system, which I’d purchased from Pool Home School, lets me use the pool all through the year.

While the above measures are effective to some extent, they do not however give lasting relief. You will have to reduce the levels of anxiety you experience substantially, if you are looking to erase the hysteria permanently. Meditation, exercise, and diet help to bring down the anxiety levels. Medications too help in reducing the exacerbated effect of anxiety and stress.